Urban Light-Culture


1 Nocturno

A place in the heart of the city where we can stroll surrounded by beautiful glowing plants.

2 Dear Stranger

From the assumption that loneliness is a phenomenon of the digitalized world, the approach of visually supporting interpersonal contact emerged.

3 50er Spin

"Once you were darkness; Live as children of light. If you also lieest down, and if you also sit in darkness, open yourself, become light.

4 Military City

Our "security thinking" is increasingly shaping the design of the city at night.

5 Diskretion

The installation "Diskretion" presents the current situation at the cultural location <-> investor and presents the meaning of the tines and the past considerations to the public.

6 Lichtbox - Light as a drug substitute?

Light affects people in a much more complex way than just being able to see.

7 Imaginatura

Through art, we can clean the nature, the streets and the mind, we can open the eyes of human beings about the garbage situation that takes over the planet.

8 Reflect-Cognition

dvdv (spell "dada") connects her complexity into her own synaesthetic and interactive cosmos.

9 Light as psychedelic tool

Lucia N°03 is a light instrument, which induces a psychedelic experience by using constant and intermitted light.

10 Lightscape

The city - the sum of paths, possibilities and moments - the way it guides us from one place to another.

11 XX-Cube

With its clear, geometric, linear structures it is easy to perceive and reflects the current trend in club lighting or stage design.